This traveling exhibition featured old tapestries from the collection of the Petit Palais (Paris, France). It displayed a precious selection of pieces by the most important artists and weaving studios from the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, which, on the whole, provided a stimulating interpretation of the ways of life during those historical periods. A total of 26 large pieces of tapestry were chosen among the museum’s best, figuratively depicting a wide range of subjects: life in the court, mythology, children’s games, biblical scenes and the seasons of the year. Curated by Gilles Chazal, Françoise Barbe and Patrick Lemasson.

Places and Dates:

São Paulo State Pinacoteca, São Paulo, SP – June to July 2004

Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON), Curitiba, PR – Aug. to Sept. 2004

Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum (MARGS), Porto Alegre, RS – Oct. to Dec. 2004

Total viewers: 83,000

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