The exhibition INDIA!, which was conferred the Top 10 Thematic award by The Art Newspaper in 2012, brought art pieces, photos and audiovisual resources to Brazil in order to show the wealth and diversity of India’s historical culture – a culturally rich country with 1.21 billion people, more than 200 ethnicities, 6 religions and 20 official languages. Curated by Pieter Tjabbes, the exhibition consisted of three main segments: HUMANKIND, GODS and MODERN INDIA. Curated by Tereza de Arruda, India Side by Side was focused on the country’s contemporary art and featured, for the first in Brazil, pieces by twenty artists and two of the most important artist collectives from India – including original pieces, created especially for this exhibition.

Places and Dates:

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Oct/2011 to Jan/2012

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, São Paulo, SP – Feb to Apr/2012

Sesc Belenzinho, São Paulo, SP – Feb to Apr/2012

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Brasília, DF – May to Jul/2012

Total viewers: 314,834


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