Photos © Israel Kislansky


This exhibition featured pieces from the main stages of artistic casting, thus presenting a panorama of the lost-wax method, from the 19th century until today. In collaboration with Senai-SP, the casting process was presented in its main specific conditions and developments, as well as in its cultural elements. Among the highlights, pieces by Rodolfo Bernardelli, Amadeu Zani, Zépherin Ferrez, Victor Brecheret, Galileo Emendabili, Júlio Guerra, Francisco Leopoldo e Silva, João Zacco Paraná and Erbo Stenzel – who produced important sculptures located in public spaces in São Paulo and Curitiba. Curated by Gilberto Habib Oliveira, technical assistance by Israel Kislansky.

Places and Dates:

Centro Cultural Fiesp, São Paulo, SP – Dec. 2012 to Feb. 2013

Centro Cultural Sistema Fiep, Curitiba, PR – May to June 2013

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