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The playful and critical world of OSGEMEOS occupied the two gigantic sheds of the Museu Vale (an icon of contemporary art in Espírito Santo), with the exhibition FERMATA, which featured only new artworks by the duo, shown here for the first time. OSGEMEOS do not generally separate fantasy from reality. Their work process is thorough and planned, and their pieces, characterized by delicacy, fancy, detail, social criticism, adventure and a great deal of inventiveness, are already known worldwide. FERMATA presented eight paintings, interactive pieces, figures that seemed to come out of the wall, giant heads and a huge sculpture – a music box shaped as a woman

Place and Date:

Museu Vale, Vila Velha, ES – Oct. 2011 to Feb. 2012

Total viewers: 24,000

Graphic Design:

Design: Manuel Alvez (Holt Studio)

Photos: Paulo VP

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