SOME DRAWING [1963–2005]

An unprecedented exhibition of drawings by the internationally renowned Cildo Meireles, one of the most important Brazilian contemporary artists. The exhibition, the outcome of long research, curated by art critic Frederico Morais, featured 200 drawings covering the artist’s entire career – since his first pieces, dating from 1963, until the most recent ones, made in 2005. The exhibition also showed some pieces and installations such as La Bruja, Agulha no Palheiro, Occasion, Homeless home, Pastel de Pastéis, Casos de Sacos and Metros, which are related to the traditional concept of drawing, even while questioning it.

Places and Dates:

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB), Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Apr. to July 2005

Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON), Curitiba, PR – Mar. to June 2008

Total viewers: 103,000

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