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ÁGUA [Water] is a sociocultural project in environmental education consisting of an interactive Scenic Show and an Exhibition of Brazilian Popular Art.

The project is aimed at public school students from 7 to 12 years old, and is also open to spontaneous visitors. Scientifically based, this exhibition addresses many environmental issues, especially ones related to water – a heritage of humanity. By focusing on the biological, social, cultural and symbolic value of water, the project’s main goal is to make the audience aware of the importance of preserving and valuing this public common asset which is so important to the planet and human life. Thus, through art, the project seeks to kindle both an environmental awareness in the viewers as well as a willingness to take action towards a better world.

From 2012 until now, the project has benefitted more than 33,000 children scattered throughout 9 cities in Brazil, and will be taken to other cities. The company Umiharu Produções Culturais e Cinematográficas designed the project, while Art Unlimited is responsible for its production. Curated by (Art Unlimited’s) Tânia Mills, the dramaturgy and artistic direction is by Gisela Arantes.

Dr. Morena Mills, who supported the project scientifically, received the Tall Poppies Award (Queensland, Australia, 2012) in recognition of the suitability of her work for conveying scientific concepts to the general public.

Places and Dates:

Mairinque, SP – Apr/2012

Sumaré, SP – Apr/2012

Mogi das Cruzes, SP – May/2012

Pindamonhangaba, SP – Jun/2012

Jundiaí, SP – Jun/2013 to 2014

Santos, SP – Aug/2013

Uberlândia, MG – Apr/2014

Rio Verde, GO – May/2014

São Paulo – Oct/2014

Total viewers: 33,000 children

Graphic Design:

Design: Marina Ayra + Luiz Dominguez

Illustrations: Veridiana Scarpelli

Photos: Paulo VP

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